Latitude "Not Initiated"

The LATITUDE Transmissions which are automatically transferring into an EMR system database include:

  • Scheduled Remote Follow-up
  • Patient-Initiated
  • Device-Based Alert configured ON and being detected.

Regarding “Not Initiated” status, this is when there is a data update that is bringing in information on the patient profile but wasn’t a scheduled, Patient-Initiated, or device based alert as mentioned above.

Example of Data Update:

  • Patients who have the 6476 Communicator performs daily checks for red alert detection but performs a weekly interrogation for yellow alert detection.
    • This weekly check brings a data update into the Pt profile even if no device based alert detected.
    • Some users feedback was the option to send weekly transmissions into EMR system if there are episodes on weekly so now latitude has the ability with the “not initiated” status to manually send to EMR if want.

A couple other examples of data update as part of the enhancement:

  • Patients who have weight scale and if stored in comm for 7 days the comm will make the call into the system to bring in the readings. This results in “not-initiated” and while most users won’t need to send to EMR, the system now allows end user to manually send to EMR system.
  • Patients who are seen in-clinic with a Programmer who go home, the comm will do a daily check for device based alerts and if no device based alerts detected the comm will still bring in a data update of the last in-office interrogation into LATITUDE website patient profile.  While most users won’t need to send to EMR, the system now allows end use to manually send it EMR system.

Overall, any questions on “Not-Initiated”  or why my transmission didn’t transfer to EMR system can be directed to the LATITUDE EMR Support team at 888-283-8713

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