Patient Instructions- BP Machine Setup

1. Remove the Blood Pressure cuff and machine from the box. Note: the device serial number is on the box and machine.

2. Open pack of batteries (4 double AA's), and place into machine.

3. Insert the end of the cuff cord into the port in the side of the machine (see image).

4. Place the cuff on your arm, with tube facing down toward your hand (see image on cuff for proper placement).

5. Once the cuff is snug on your arm, press the START button on the machine, and remain still while the measurement is being taken.

6. When the blood pressure and pulse readings appear on the machine, the cuff can then be removed from arm- this information then gets sent to the Rhythm360 portal automatically and is available within minutes for the clinic to review.

*You will see some lines moving around the screen as it sends the information, and this image of a dotted rectangle when it has successfully gone through.


*Note: if an error like this appears, adjust the cuff and push start again to re-measure.

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