MDT Carelink DOS is One Day Behind / Ahead

Sometimes there are Carelink reports with a one-day difference between the actual date of transmission and the date listed on the PDF, which appears one day ahead or behind. Below are a couple examples of reasons this might happen:

Date Of Service 1 Day Behind: Medtronic BlueSync devices sometimes start making connection to the bedside monitor (or app) the night before the scheduled transmission date. This sometimes causes the transmission to come in the night before the scheduled date, which would give a DOS in Rhythm360 of a day before the scheduled date. This is something that happens specifically with BlueSync devices. To avoid this, the DOS can be changed in Rhythm360 to the scheduled date, and the transmission schedule in Carelink can be adjusted and set to every 32 or 92 days, rather than 31/91.

Date Of Service 1 day ahead (Future DOS): According to Medtronic, the clock on the patient's device runs slightly faster than a normal clock. As such, the Date of Service listed on the PDF may appear one day ahead of the actual transmission date. Unfortunately, the device clock cannot be adjusted through the Carelink portal. The patient may visit the doctor's office and an MDT representative can adjust the device's internal time. Any other data in the report is not affected.

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