How to filter for specific devices or specific device checks

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

The filter for searching for specific devices is available only on the Patient List Page. The filter for searching for specific transmission types is available on the Technician Dashboard, Clinician Review Dashboard, and Compliance Dashboard as these are connected to specific transmissions. The filter for device manufacturer is available on the Technician Dashboard, Clinician Review Dashboard, Patient List Page, Billing Sheet, and Compliance Dashboard. 

For all of these pages, the Filters button is available on the left side above the top row of the information columns. 

Here is an example of what is found on the Technician Dashboard, where you are able to search on the Transmission Type and Transmission Trigger. 

And here is an example of the Patient List page which has only the vendor since it is not connected to specific transmissions. 

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