Transmission Triggers

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Tranmission Triggers, or Tx Triggers, are used in Rhythm360 to classify where a patient's Transmission Report comes from. There are several different Session Triggers, each of which have a different meaning.

Remote Alert: The transmission came from an alert event that was detected within the device. 

Remote: A transmission that is unclassified- if you see a Tx Trigger labeled "Remote" and are unsure of where it originated from, please contact us at

Remote Scheduled: The transmission was sent on a previously scheduled date through the vendor portal.

Patient Initiated: The patient manually sent the transmission themselves. This process is usually done from the patient's home.

CL Express: A Carelink Express transmission -- the transmission was sent from a portable Carelink Express console used to interrogate the patient's implanted device. This process is typically done from an ED/hospital or in the clinic setting.

Initial Setup: The transmission was sent during the process of a patient's monitor or app set up.

Remote Programming: User initiated session to facilitate Remote Programming.  Used when uploading a report and will not be automatically assigned. 

In-Office Alert: The transmission was sent or added from an alert during a patient's office visit.

In-Office Scheduled: The transmission was sent or added during a patient's scheduled office visit.

*Note- session triggers are automatically assigned inside Rhythm360 portal based on the information received from the vendor portal, but if there is ever a need to change or assign a Tx Trigger, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the patient's transmission report in Rhythm360. Click Review
  2. A new window will appear, showing the details of the patient's report. On the left hand section, scroll down to Tx Trigger.
  3. Click the field that appears next to Tx Trigger. Select the appropriate trigger for the Transmission Report.
  4. Confirm the Tx Trigger is correct, and click Save at the bottom of the window to store your selection.

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