How can I see only my patients?

Patients can be assigned specific clinicians and then a clinician user can choose to only see the patients they are assigned. This view limits the Clinician Reports Dashboard to only the essential reports that clinician needs to review. 

To turn on this setting, click Settings in the upper right corner. 

Then enable the Only show Reports assigned to me on the Dashboard at the bottom of the window. Then click Save and the page will refresh to only show you the reports for your assigned patients in the dashboard.

If you see no reports on the dashboard, either there are no reports or no reports for patients currently assigned to you. Your admin can check if you have patients assigned by navigating to the Patient List page and filtering for patients with that clinician assigned. 

To assign patients to their clinician, please see our How to add or change a patient's assigned clinician. You can specify up to two clinicians, their Rhythm-CIED clinician and their HF/HTN clinician depending on if both are enabled for your account. Any clinician that is enabled as an e-signer will be available. 

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