Disconnected Monitor

This is where the disconnected monitors for all vendors are being listed. You may easily review them in one page!

Here's how you can navigate the page:

  1. Go to Compliance page and click on Disconnected Monitors tab.
  2. The total count of disconnected monitors is displayed at the top. You can sort the data by clicking on the Clinician or Date Disconnected columns. There is also an option to Download as CSV or Download as CSV (Filtered).

  1. You have the option to display all vendors in Disconnected Monitors or only select vendors. Simply click on Edit Compliance Settings to access the Settings page. Please be aware that changing this setup requires admin access, or you can reach out to our support team for assistance.

  1. Use the filter options to get the desired results per manufacturer and/or clinician.

  1. "Actions" button will give the user an option to view the patient notes (Patient Notes pop-up will appear) or dismiss the data.

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