How to Update the Number of Shocks/ATP and Other Key Clinical Findings?

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI* 

To update the key clinical findings such as AT/AF%, percent pacing, number of shocks, and number of ATP, Technicians may click on the "Review" button and a pop-up window will appear as shown below. Select " Parameters" and select "Key Clinical Findings" or "Alerts". 

Key Clinical Findings allow you to edit the details of the report such as AT/AF %, Transthoracic Impedance Baseline, and add or remove different warnings throughout the report as pictured below. 

Alerts adjust the Yellow and Red alerts that appear on the dashboard and cover page. Check or uncheck the checkboxes next to the different alerts to correct whether or not the alert should appear. 

The Measurements tab allows you to update the measurements under the Device Info section of the coversheet. 

Please note that only technician users are able to make this change. If you are a clinician needing a report adjusted, make a note within the physician notes page tagging the technician and choose the option to "Send Report Back to Technician" where they will then be able to remove it and resubmit the report. The cover page has the name of the technician that worked on the report if you are uncertain whom to tag. 

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