Send Report Back to Technician

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

A clinician or technician can send a report back to the dashboard as needed. Below are the steps on how to send a report back to the technician.

  1. Go to the Clinician Reports tab or Patient Information page - This can be done on both technician and clinician's access.
  2. Click on Review, scroll down at the bottom, and select Send Back to Technician on the drop-down options
  3. Click on Send Back to Technician and you will also have the option to include a note specifying the reason. The report will now be available on the technician's dashboard.

Please note that this feature is no longer available if a report has been dismissed and/or e-signed.

You may request an e-signed report to send back to the technician through our support team. Dismissed reports can be undismissed by accessing the Patient Information page.

Here's an article on how to undismiss Rhythm reports -

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