How can I see episode EGMs for Biotronik Alert transmissions

Go to the Biotronik vendor portal, then to the patient's page under the Options tab. Keep in mind it has to be done for each applicable patient. 

1. Click Edit.

2. Click Edit and you need to have all alerts you want available EGMs for set to “Yellow + Envelope” (or "Red + Envelope).  If yellow only, you will get the alert transmission but no episode EGMs attached.

3. Once you have adjusted all Yellow alerts to Yellow/Red + Envelope, then scroll to the bottom and click Apply, and then Confirm.

*TIP- for episode EGMs, make sure to include the "Details for arrhythmia or non-arrhythmia episode received" and "Episode Details Received" alerts as Yellow + Envelope. 

For HM Follow-ups to have Periodic IEGMs, make sure to include the "HM Follow-up transmission has arrived" alert as Yellow + Envelope.

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