Personal Notification Settings

Under your profile, you can control your email notifications. To do this, click your Profile image in the upper right corner. And choose the Settings button.

If you are an administrator, you'll be able to see both Personal and Clinic Settings like in the image below. Personal Settings is the default page and allows you to control your individual notifications and the option to activate the Auto-Next feature when reviewing reports.

In Personal Settings, you have the option to choose between receiving notifications for "All new messages" or "Urgent Tags only." Subsequently, these notifications can be accessed by clicking the bell icon located at the upper right corner of the portal.

The same notifications can also be sent to you via email or SMS. Simply toggle the Notify me via Email or SMS switch and clicking the Save button in the bottom right corner. To stop receiving these notifications, simply toggle the switch off.

You can also activate the Auto-Next feature by toggling the corresponding switch, which will automatically open new transmissions for E-signing or review.

Please note that providing a mobile number is required when enabling SMS notifications.

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