Device Ordering and Return Process

This article will cover what to do when a device malfunctions and needs replacement or you need to order more devices, this is inclusive of blood pressure and weight scales. It will include the troubleshooting process, what information is needed to order, and who to communicate with. 

Ordering New Devices

If your clinic is expanding your program and you need new devices, you will need to contact to order these. The support team will need the following information in order to order your devices:

  1. The name of the clinic you are ordering on the behalf of
  2. The name of who will be receiving the package
  3. The address that the package should be sent to
  4. The number of devices required, the type, and brand
  5. If the size needs to be outside of the standard (aka. XL or S blood pressure cuffs)

If you are uncertain about any of the above information, the support team can provide the information from past orders and confirm that the information should not change such as address or the brand of device. Once this order has been placed, the support team will confirm that this information has been received and follow up as we receive the tracking number from the vendor and have an expected date of arrival. 

Replacing Defective Devices

If your RPM program is managed by Rhythm Science, our admins will be following up with patients whose transmissions are not being received. They will attempt to troubleshoot the issue and if it is found to be defective, a replacement will be ordered and sent directly to the patient. If your patient contacts the clinic instead of communicating with our admin team or you would prefer devices be sent to your clinic instead of directly to the patient, please notify us at with the information from the first "Ordering New Devices" section. 

The defective device will need to be return and a return label will be provided when the new device arrives in order to reduce time without transmissions. The pieces that are needed to return will depend on the device type and brand, the support team will be able to provide a full list of items needed and it can be returned in the same packaging as the new device. 

If your RPM program is managed by your clinic, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can attempt before replacing the device. 

  1. Confirm that the device is being utilized correctly as defined by the manufacturer's instructions, sometimes patients will need to be shown how to use the device again
  2. Hard Reset the device - Step by step instructions are included in our Reset article linked at the bottom of this page
  3. Contact our support team if neither resolves the issue, we will reach out to the device vendor and they will attempt remote resolutions or confirm that the device needs replacement

Missing Accessories

If the charging cable for your device is missing, please contact as soon as possible for a replacement. If the patient needs a size outside of the standard and it was not indicated on the initial order form, please also contact support for the appropriate sized accessory to be sent to you.

Once you notify that a replacement is needed, then send the information from the "Ordering New Devices" section and we will provide the replacement and information on how to return the defective device.

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