More PDF Viewing Options

Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI

The review window allows for the report to be viewed in a PDF format in addition to the standard in Window view. To view the PDF in another tab or copy a link to the PDF, follow this workflow.

Click Review next to the report of interest. In the upper right corner of the review window is More PDF Viewing Options directly above the basic patient information. Click this drop down to view the different options.

To open this report in a new tab select Open PDF in New Tab. To copy a sharable link that will open to a PDF of the report, select Copy PDF Link to Clipboard. To add new pages or delete added pages, select Manage Documents. The number of documents that have been appended to the report will be listed to the right. For more information on how to utilize the Manage Documents page, please see our article on the Manage Documents page below.

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