How to Print Only Selected Pages of a Report

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

When looking at a report, you are able to print, including print to PDF, selected pages instead of a whole document. This allows you to download the most critical parts of a report to review or share. This article will detail how to access the PDF version of a report and the print feature used in both Windows and Mac computers. As operating systems and versions are different between users, some elements of the process may look slightly different for you.

Open the report you would like to download. This can be accomplished from the Patient's Page, Clinician Dashboard, or Technician Dashboard. Once the report is open, select the Print Icon in the upper right corner of the report as seen below.

When you click this button, a new window will pop out. This is your computer's print function. It will list how many pages are available to print in the upper right, what the default/selected printer is, which pages are selected to print (defaults to all), and how many pages are on each printed sheet (defaults to 1). This applies to "printing" to PDF as well.

Click the drop down to the right of pages to select which pages are used. The Custom option will allow you to select which pages you want to select. In the example below, pages 1, 5-10, and 17 are selected. The total number of pages utilized will update in the upper right corner as well.

You can also click More Settings to customize Paper Size, Pages per Sheet, and Scale. When you have chosen the pages of interest, and other settings click Print in the bottom right corner to Save the PDF (this will say print if you are printing traditionally).

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