Billing Page

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

The Billing page displays patient transmissions (reports) that have been marked as billable by either Technicians or Clinicians. The Billing page used for reviewing and downloading reports that can be used in patient and insurance billing. 

To access the Billing page, click Billing on the left hand menu of any page in Rhythm360.

Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard displays a list of billable transmissions that include: 

  • Patient Name and Date of Birth
  • Transmission Details
  • Device Information
  • EHR Export Status if this is enabled in your clinic settings (more information here)

Reports that have been E-Signed will be listed in green under the Report Status column. If you would like to see the patient's full profile page, click on the patient's name. 

The Total Billings at the top of the page will increase as transmissions are marked for billing by the technician on the Dashboard and will decrease when reports are Archived on the Billing page. 

A copy of the patient's transmission report can also be downloaded or exported by clicking on the respective icons. If you would like to remove the transmission from the Billing Dashboard, click Archive. Multiple reports can be selected and archived/downloaded by checking the checkboxes to the left of the report or all selected through the checkbox next to Name.

Note: Archived transmissions cannot be un-archived, but they can be viewed again by filtering for archived reports.

Sorting the Billing Dashboard

You can sort transmissions on the Billing Dashboard by Date of Service. Click on the category at the top of the Billing Dashboard to organize transmissions by ascending (newest to oldest) or descending (oldest to newest) order. 

Filtering the Billing Dashboard

You can filter specific transmissions by CPT Code(s), Report Type, Export Status, Device Manufacturer, and Date of Service ranges. To filter transmissions:

  1. Click Filters at the top left of the Billing Dashboard
  2. Click the checkbox for each category you would like to filter by
  3. Click Apply, and the window will refresh to display filtered transmissions

If you would like to reset the filters, click each filter that appears next to the Filters button, or click Clear Filters to clear all.

Downloading transmissions 

The Billing Dashboard can be converted into a .csv file that displays all billable transmissions into a spreadsheet format. To download the entire dashboard, click Download All or Download Selected Records at the top right of the dashboard. The .csv file will be directly downloaded via your browser.

To download specific transmissions, select the transmissions by clicking on the checkbox. Then, click Download. The .csv file will be directly downloaded via your browser.

Archiving transmissions

There is an option to archive all reports on the billing dashboard by clicking on the Archive All Records button at the top right of the Billing Page. Alternatively, you can archive individual records using the rightmost Archive button. For multiple records, you can check the ones you want to archive and then choose Archive Selected Records at the top right or click Bulk Actions and select Archive.

*Please note: Once a report is archived from the dashboard, it cannot be undone. If you accidentally archive a report and need it brought back, please email:, or click the help button on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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