How to Hold a Report

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Sometimes Technicians want to "Hold" a report for further review instead of "Submitting" or "Dismissing. Some clinics add this into their workflow for when a supervisor needs to review the transmission, it's an alert that can be eligible for billing in the near future, or they are not able to finish processing it yet. 

  1. Click on the patient report you want to review on the Dashboard page. The Review pop up will appear with the patient's transmission report. 
  2. In the patient transmission report pop-up, users have the option to submit report, hold, or dismiss. 
  3. Click on the Hold option, then click on Hold button to confirm.  When put on "Hold," the report is now available for editing or review by a colleague. The Hold status will show on the Review window, Technician Dashboard, and Clinician Dashboard

  1. To release, simply open the report and either Submit to Clinician, Remove Hold, or Dismiss

Users can also filter for all "Hold" transmissions on Clinician Review Dashboard and Technician Dashboard page, by clicking Filters. This is available for both the Rhythm-CIED and HF/HTN Filters. 

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