Alerts (New Reports, Red Alerts, Yellow Alerts)

On the Technician Dashboard and Clinical Review Dashboard page, there is an alerts section at the top of the page. The alerts are categorized as:

  • New Reports
  • Red Alerts
  • Yellow Alerts

During onboarding of your account, the clinic has an opportunity to customize some of their alert settings. Otherwise, the alert settings are as displayed below. New Reports are for all new transmission reports that have not been reviewed yet. Once the new report has been reviewed and processed, it will then be removed from the new reports count.

If you need to update your alert settings and you are an administrator, you can access this from your clinic settings. The full list of available alerts and what color they are currently set to will be under the Rhythm - Set Alert Flag Color. To adjust HF/HTN alert colors, please contact 

Default Alerts

Red Alert:

Rhythm-CIED Alerts:

  • Ventricular shock delivered
  • VF
  • VT
  • Therapy Off
  • Pause
  • Review

HF/HTN Alerts:

  • Rapid PAP Change
  • Review
  • Critical BP

Yellow Alert: 

Rhythm-CIED Alerts:

  • AT/AF 
  • NSVT
  • ATP 
  • Optivol
  • CRT pacing < 90%
  • SVT
  • Brady
  • Symptom
  • BIO (generic BIO alerts)
  • MDT (generic MDT alerts)
  • HVR
  • Tachy
  • Lead / Impedance Warning
  • AT/AF Burden > Threshold

HF/HTN Alerts:

  • Not Transmitting BP
  • Not Transmitting PAP
  • Not Transmitting Weight
  • BP Above Threshold
  • BP Below Threshold
  • Weight Above Threshold
  • Weight Below Threshold
  • PAP Above Threshold
  • PAP Below Threshold
  • Critical BP

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