HF/HTN Alert Report Dashboard

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Alert reports can notify users of a patient's condition, status, or special needs to be aware of when reviewing a patient's transmission. Alerts are divided into Red and Yellow alerts depending on severity. 

Note: This article covers HF/HTN Alert Reports only. To learn more about Rhythm alerts, click here.

Alert Triggers

An Alert Report can be triggered by a number of reasons. The main reasons are:

  • A patient's readings exceed or fall short of the threshold
  • A patient fails to transmit during a set timeframe

When these conditions are met, an Alert Report will be delivered to the Dashboard.

Viewing Alert Reports

Alert Reports can be viewed from the HF/HTN Reports section of the Dashboard or the Clinician Review page.

  1. From the Dashboard or Clinician Review page, click HF/HTN Reports on the Alert bar.
  2. Alert reports show a tag for the Alert, and are classified as Alerts under Session Trigger. You can view solely the alerts by clicking on the Yellow Circle for Yellow Alerts or by choosing it under the Filters. 

Alert tags

Every Alert Report has a tag associated with the report. These tags can help you understand why the Alert Report was triggered. 

The red alerts are currently are Rapid PAP Change, Critical BP, and Review. This is searchable under the Dashboard and Clinician Review

Yellow Alert tags are:

  • BP Above Threshold —The patient's blood pressure is over the threshold.
  • BP Below Threshold — The patient's blood pressure is under the threshold.
  • PAP Above Threshold — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure is over the threshold.
  • PAP Below Threshold — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure is under the threshold.
  • Weight Above Threshold — The patient's body weight is over the threshold.
  • Weight Below Threshold — The patient's body weight is under the threshold.
  • Not Transmitting BP, Not Transmitting PAP, Not Transmitting Weight —The patient failed to transmit their readings within the set amount of time.
  • Suspect — This will trigger when PAP transmission is marked as "suspect" by system

Red Alert tags are:

  • Review — The report has been flagged for urgent review by the technician
  • Rapid PAP Change — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure experience a change of 10 mmHg over/under their last transmission.
  • Critical BP — This will trigger when SYS BP is above 180 mmHg or DIA BP is above 120 mmHg

You can adjust alert colors by accessing Set Thresholds/Goals/Alerts for All Patients in the Settings page.

Filtering reports by Alert Tags

You can also filter reports by Alert Tags on the Dashboard and Clinician Review page. This can help you see all patient reports that fall under one category.

  1. On the Dashboard or Clinician Review page, click HF/HTN Reports.
  2. Click Filters. A new window will appear displaying filter options.
  3. Under the Alerts category, select Yellow or Red or choose both.
  4. Click Apply. The page will refresh, displaying all reports that fall under the filter option.

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