How to Add Technician Notes For a Patient

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Technician Notes are written by a technician user, summarizing any important findings found in the report. Technician Notes can be found in the report review window or in the transmission report itself. 

Technician Notes can be edited or removed, even after submitting the report to a Clinician. However, once the Clinician reviews and e-signs the report, the Technician Notes can no longer be edited.

This article will review how to add notes and its features: Snippets for easy report writing, Accessing Past reports, Tagging Users, and Linking to Pages within the report. 

Viewing/Editing Technician Notes

To view the Technician Notes for a given transmission, click Review.

Click on any reports within the Technician Dashboard. The Technician Notes are located under the transmission details within the Review Notes section. Click on the dialog box to begin entering notes. When you are done writing, click Save at the bottom of the window to save the notes into the transmission report. If you choose Submit to Clinician, Hold, or Dismiss, it will save the notes as well. 

Adding Snippets

Snippets can be added to the report, eliminating the need to type out notes for common patient issues. To add a snippet to the Technician Report, click on the blue labels underneath the Technician Notes. The snippet will automatically be added to the report. 

In addition to the common snippets listed underneath the Technician Notes, there are more uncommon snippets that you may potentially need to add into a patient's notes. To access these snippets, click Advanced Snippets.

Once you have confirmed that the snippets are correct, click Save at the bottom of the window.

If you no longer need a snippet, click on the snippet again to remove it from the notes.

Viewing the report history

When a Technician user saves their notes into a patient's report, a history is generated and displayed underneath the Technician Notes. This history provides a log of users who have written notes in the transmission, the time and date of writing, and what users wrote. 

Clicking on the Date/Range of Service in a Report History entry will bring you to the associated report in a new tab. 

Tagging other users

Users may sometimes need to bring a report's Technician Notes to the attention of other users. Tagging triggers a notification for that user. If they have the email notifications enabled, they will also receive an email with a link to the report. 

To tag another user in the Technician Notes:

  1. Navigate to the patient's report.
  2. In the Notes section of the report, enter in @ and begin typing the user's name.
  3. As you type the user's name, suggestions for a user will appear, alongside the user's email.
  4. Click the user that you would like to tag.
  5. The tag will automatically apply. Click Save at the bottom of the report to apply the tag.
  6. An email notification will be sent to the user's email, which contains a link to the report.

Note: The user's tag will also appear within the PDF version of the patient's report.

Creating a report bookmark

Users might find it helpful to locate a particular page within the transmission report. By setting up a report bookmark, a hyperlink is generated, allowing other users to easily navigate to that specific page within the report. Please refer to the Related Articles section below for detailed instructions on how to hyperlink pages within review notes.

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