Onboarding Checklist for HF/HTN

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

After adding an HF/HTN patient or a new HF/HTN device for an existing patient, an Onboarding checklist report will be generated. Instructions on enrolling a BP patient are available here. CardioMEMS patients will be added after their initial transmission. The report includes the CPT Code 99453 for billing the initial setup of BP patients. For CardioMEMS patients, the report can be dismissed or integrated into the workflow without billing to ensure consistency in information and setup for all patients.

The checklist is available in two locations: the Technician Dashboard and on the patient page under HF/HTN Transmissions. It will be labeled as "Report Type - HF/HTN (Onboarding)" to differentiate it from the Professional and Technical reports. The Onboarding Checklist is generated when the monitoring period is set up, typically during the first transmission. On the Technician Dashboard, the Onboarding Reports can be accessed through the Filters option.

You can manually check the first three checkboxes after completing the action. The last three checkboxes will be automatically marked when the information is received on the Patient Profile. Submission is only allowed once all six checkboxes are completed.

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