Rhythm360 Admin and Settings Page

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Admin users have the ability to access advance options within the Rhythm360 portal. They can also switch their users from technician to clinician and vice versa. 

Go to "Settings" to view the advanced options. On the "Settings" tab, the Admin user can enable (green) or disable (gray) the following:

Under Clinic Settings - General, you are able to set reports to be automatically archived after E-signing or Automatically archive billings after export to EHR. The Enabled toggle will be green and the white circle to the right when activated. After this is enabled, on the Clinician Dashboard, clinicians will see E-Sign and Archive as the default option instead of E-Sign

Under Clinic Settings - HF/HTN, you can enable or disable: Onboarding checklists, automatic addition of time when e-signing or technician report writing. You can make changes to the thresholds, goals, alert colors, and alerts for all HF/HTN patients. Please note that changes to these defaults can be overridden by editing thresholds/goals for individual patients. See related article below on How to Edit HF/HTN Measurement Thresholds and Goals.

Under Clinic Settings - Rhythm, you can adjust which device types and vendors are enabled or disabled for Report Reclassification (from Device Check to HF). This will generate a pop-up style alert for changing reports from a Device Check to a HF check and adjust the CPT codes accordingly. 

You can also determine what flag color different alerts should generate. There are 56 different alerts that are adjustable between being Red or Yellow.

You can also enable or disable if MDT reports are archived in Carelink once it's confirmed to have been retrieved. 

If you turn off "Display OAC Status Unknown on coversheets," the 'Unknown Anticoagulation Status' will NOT be shown on the coversheet.

To switch an existing user to either clinician, e-signer, or technician, click on the "Users" tab. Select the option under "Actions" drop-down. 

Please note that by default, new Clinicians have no ability to e-sign reports. They can be converted to an E-signer by selecting the same option as shown here, which also is how "Clinicians" are added to drop-down menus for patient assignment.

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