How to Edit HF/HTN Measurement Thresholds, Alerts, and Goals

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

This allow users to set the desired/normal measurement for each device.

  1. To edit the measurement threshold, click on the Edit Thresholds/Goals icon on the patient's page. The same pop-up window will appear when you click on Start Monitoring.

2. Select the tab of the data that you wish to edit - Blood Pressure, PA Pressure, Weight, and/or Heart Rate

3. Enter the measurements for the upper threshold, lower threshold, and goal in the box and click on Save Threshold/Goal Changes to save the data. A Preview will show how the Threshold will appear on the graph. The dotted line represents the Upper Threshold, while the bold solid line represents the Lower Threshold.

  1. Alerts can be modified for every patient by accessing Alert Triggers For This Patient at the bottom of the page

The default Yellow Alert tags are:

  • BP Above Threshold —The patient's blood pressure is over the threshold.
  • BP Below Threshold — The patient's blood pressure is under the threshold.
  • PAP Above Threshold — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure is over the threshold.
  • PAP Below Threshold — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure is under the threshold.
  • Weight Above Threshold — The patient's body weight is over the threshold.
  • Weight Below Threshold — The patient's body weight is under the threshold.
  • Not Transmitting BP, Not Transmitting PAP, Not Transmitting Weight —The patient failed to transmit their readings within the set amount of time.
  • Suspect — This will trigger when PAP transmission is marked as "suspect" by system

The default Red Alert tags are:

  • Review — The report has been flagged for urgent review by the technician
  • Rapid PAP Change — The patient's pulmonary artery pressure experience a change of 10 mmHg over/under their last transmission.
  • Critical BP — This will trigger when SYS BP is above 180 mmHg or DIA BP is above 120 mmHg

You can adjust alerts, alert colors, and set thresholds and goals for ALL patients by accessing Set Thresholds/Goals/Alerts for All Patients in the Settings page.  Please note that changes to these defaults can be overridden by editing thresholds/goals for individual patients.

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