How to Stop Monitoring HF/HTN Without Deactivating the Patient

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

If the patient needs to pause their monitoring for a period of time or has another device but no longer wishes to be apart of the HF/HTN monitoring program, the monitoring of HF/HTN can be stopped for that individual patient without needing to deactivate them fully. To do this, first navigate to the patient's page and select the settings gear within the HF/HTN readings section. 

A window will then appear displaying the patient's name and whether or not to discontinue the monitoring period. Choose Stop Monitoring Period

There will be a secondary confirmation screen where you choose Stop Monitoring and then Save and Exit on the original window. 

If you wish to restart this patient's monitoring program, click the blue Start Monitoring Period in the original HF/HTN readings window.  

If you want to disable only one device instead of all HF/HTN monitoring, you will need to remove that individual device. Please refer to the article on Removing an HF/HTN Device for more information. 

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