How to Dismiss an HF/HTN Report

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Dismissing a report will remove it from the Dashboard. Once a report has been dismissed, Technicians and Clinicians are no longer able to interact with the report, until the report is undismissed. For information on how to undismiss a report, click here.

If a report has been marked billable by a Technician or a Biller, the report cannot be dismissed. To dismiss the report, you must first unmark the billable check box on the report.

Click on the patient report you want to review on the Dashboard page. The Review pop up will appear with the patient's 30 Day or Monthly report.

In the transmission review window, users have the option to submit a report, hold, or dismiss. The default action displayed is Submit Report, but click on the arrow to display all available transmission actions.

Click on Dismiss, then click on "Dismiss" to confirm. 

Once dismissed, a success notification tab will appear to confirm dismissal of the report.

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