Monitoring Periods

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

This article reviews how Monitoring Period for HF/HTN devices work within Rhythm Science. For more information on stopping a Monitoring Period, please see the article How to Stop Monitoring HF/HTN Without Deactivating the Patient

When on the patient profile of a patient that has an HF/HTN Device (Blood Pressure cuff, Weight Scale, or CardioMEMS), it will appear as below with available settings, thresholds, and past measurements. 

When the patient is not actively being monitored, a blue Start Monitoring Period will be available on their page. You can still view past measurements and adjust thresholds for patients that are not within a Monitoring Period. 

When a patient is created, and an HF/HTN device is added, the prompt will ask if you want to start a 30-day monitoring period. You can either choose to start the Monitoring Period at that point by choosing Yes or delay the start by choosing No. When you choose No, you will need to active it through the Start Monitoring Period button and select the date that Monitoring should start. So if all of your patients are monitoring starting at the beginning of the month, you would choose the start of next month to be the start of the Monitoring Period. 

When a date in the future is chosen, the Onboarding Report will have a date of the day the Patient's device was added but the reports will not start until the date specified. This will continue to generate on the schedule started by that date until the Monitoring Period is stopped. 

When a patient is deactivated or the HF/HTN Monitoring Period is ended during the middle of a Monitoring Period, one last report will be generated with the partial measurements from that month. You can choose to either dismiss or bill if there is a sufficient number of measurements. New reports will not be generated beyond that partial/last report. 

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