Tagging Notes with Report & Device Types

Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI

For patients that have been in the system for some time, there may be a lot of notes associated with them. To help organize notes, you can tag and filter based on reports or device types. This can be done for existing notes and new notes on the patient's profile.

First, navigate to the Patient Profile. This can be done by searching for the patient, using the Patient List page, or by clicking the name on their report. On the right hand side, the existing Patient Notes are found and new notes can be added.

Tagging Existing Notes

Click Add a Tag below the existing note of interest. A pop out with all options will appear in the middle of the screen. When selecting the Report Type, it will fade out any tags not associated with that device type. Select the tag types of interest, any selected tags will have a check mark next to them. Click Add Note Tag when finished selecting.

They will then appear on the notes and the option to Filter Notes by Tag will appear in the Patient Notes section.

Adding Tags to New Notes

Click the +Add Note at the top of the Patient Notes section to add a note to this patient. Fill out the note and you can Tag the note in the bottom section before saving the note. This is not required to complete the note and can be adjusted at any time by returning to the existing notes.

Filtering Notes

To filter notes, first select the section of interest - Clinical Notes, Communication Log, or Administrative. This filter will only apply to the section that you are currently on. Then select the Filter Notes By Tag dropdown.

The filter options will appear below. Make the selection for the report and/or device types of interest. This filter will not apply until clicking Apply.

The filter will treat the selections like OR statements meaning that when you search for more than one type, it will return all that have that tag and not exclude any notes that don't match all tags. For example, in the filter below, Rhythm and Monitor are selected. Because the note contains a Rhythm tag, it will return this note despite it being marked as Lead and not Monitor. It would also return any Monitor that do not contain a Rhythm tag as well.

Tags are not automatically added and must be manually added if they are wanted on the patient notes.

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