How to Make a User an E-signer

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Users in Rhythm360 that have e-sign privileges can review patient transmission reports and sign them. When a user e-signs a report, their name, the time of signing, and the date of signing are added to the transmission report. E-signing is a feature only available to Clinician users. Admin users are able to change these permissions for different 

Setting a Clinical User as an E-signer

Before a user can start e-signing reports, they must first be designated as an e-signer. Follow these steps to give a user e-signing privileges: 

In the top right corner of the portal, click on your Profile Picture.

In the dropdown menu, open the settings page by clicking Settings

In the Settings page, click on Users.

A list of all registered users in your portal appears. Search the list for the user that you want to make an e-signer. 

As a reminder, the user must be a Clinician user in order to be eligible to e-sign reports. To check if a user is a Clinician, you can look at their User Type on the user list.

Next to the user's information, click Actions > Convert to E-signer.

A dialog box will appear to confirm converting the user to an E-signer. Click Yes. The user now has access to begin e-signing. If they are currently logged in, they will need to log-out and log back in in order to see their new signing option on reports. 

If you would like to revoke the user's access to e-signing, follow the same process and click Convert to Non-Esigner when prompted.

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