HF/HTN Patients Compliance Tracking

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI* 

Patients transmitting blood pressure, PA pressure, and weight sometimes never transmit, or transmit at lower than expected levels.  Compliance data is tracked inside of Patient List, and can be filtered for Non-compliant  Go to the Patient List on the left menu, select filters to the left above the patient information columns, and choose "FILTER FOR NON-COMPLIANT" - "HF/HTN Patients " as shown below.

When you choose the Apply button, only patients that have not been consistently transmitting will appear. The device type and percentage that they have been compliant will appear in the third to last column in red. 

This applies to the PA Pressure, Blood Pressure, and Weight Scale monitoring. Compliance percentages will show in red if at or below the compliance threshold. For Blood Pressure and Weight Scale compliance require transmissions on at least 16 out of 30 days. For PA there must be at least 1 transmission per week.

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