Admin Dashboard

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

This article walks through the different features of the admin dashboard. This will appear for any admin level user in your organization if it has been enabled, please contact the support team at to enable this feature. To access this section, select the Admin Dashboard from top of the left page selection. 

Alerts and Reports

The top section of the admin dashboard collates all the information of your organization's usage of Rhythm 360. It contains 3 sections: Reports, Compliance, and Billing. 

  1. Reports section comes from both the Technician Dashboard and Clinician Dashboard. This is how many reports are on the respective dashboards that have not been submitted and includes both Rhythm CIED and HF/HTN reports together. 
  2. Compliance comes from the Compliance page and lists how many patients and reports are considered non-compliant. For more information on the compliance page, please see the Compliance Dashboard article. 
  3. Billing alerts are derived from the Billing page with how many pending billings being how many reports that can be billed and Total Billings being how many billing eligible reports have been marked. To learn more about the billing page, please see the Billing Page article. 
  4. Tasks section has two tabs to utilize: Review Patient Updates and Review Device Changeouts 
    • Review Patient Updates will list any patients that have recently been added or updated who has conflicting information with another existing patient such as clinic id or device id. This will then allow you to choose the action to resolve this inconsistency. When there is no duplicate, you can view the new patient and create the profile. Patients with existing profiles, and therefore potential duplicates, names' are underlined. New patients without potential duplicates are not underlined. In the example below, Aaron has an existing profile and potential duplicate but Jeffrey does not.

Choose Actions and View Data to review the profile before creating. If this is a New Patient with no conflict and all known information filled out, click Create New Patient. This will generate the profile and take you to the Patient's Page.

When there is a conflict to resolve, choose View Data and View and Replace at the top of the document.

This will show each section and allow you to either manually enter the correct data into the New Data section in the left half or choose to switch all the existing information into the new patient by clicking the Replace All button in the center. This can be undone by selecting Undo All afterwards.

When the right half (New Patient) has all the correct information select Save and Close.

If you believe no changes are necessary, click Dismiss and proceed to the next set of data.

    • Review Device Changeouts will list any device changeout and gives two action options: Acknowledge or Flag Support. Once acknowledged, the patient will be greyed out and moved to the bottom of the list. Flag Support option will generate a ticket to the support team to investigate whether or not the changeout is correct and then grey the entry afterwards. 

There are two Device Changeout Filters: Needs Review contains data where Flag Support was selected, while Accepted includes those that were acknowledged.

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