How to Add Clinician Notes to a Transmission

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

When reviewing a transmission, a clinician can add an important note to a report by clicking the Review button on the Clinician Review dashboard. To learn more about reviewing Rhythm-CIED Reports, please view the article on Reviewing Rhytm-CIED Reports.

Type in the notes under Clinician Notes at the bottom part of the window.

Click Save and the PDF will reload. The note will then appear on the cover page

Viewing the report's notes history

When a Technician user saves their notes into a patient's report, a history is generated and displayed underneath the Technician Notes. This history provides a log of users who have written notes in the transmission, the time and date of writing, and what users wrote. 

Clicking on the Date/Range of Service in a Report History entry will bring you to the associated report in a new tab. 

If you e-sign, return to the technician, or archive, the note will be saved as well. 

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