CPT Codes

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Current Procedural Terminology Codes -- or CPT Codes -- are medical codes created and maintained by the American Medical Association. Rhythm Science uses these codes for categorizing and billing our services for each patient. These can be updated on reports that have not yet been submitted, e-signed, or archived. 

A patient's CPT Codes can be found in several places within the Rhythm360 portal - Transmission Reports and the Billing Page. 

CPT Codes in Transmission Reports 

A patient's CPT Code can be found on the cover page on any patient's transmission reports. Under the Patient Info section. These are automatically assigned by the system based on the transmission type of the report. 

CPT Codes in the Billing Sheet

A patient's CPT codes can also be found listed in the Billing Sheet. The column titled "CPT Codes" will list any codes associated with a patient's billing for a given date of report.

These billings can also be filtered by CPT Code. For more information on how to filter the Billing Sheet by CPT code, please refer to the article on How to Filter Billings by CPT Code

How to Update CPT Codes

CPT codes can be updated from the Technician Dashboard or Billing Page.

The Technician Dashboard enables the modification of CPT codes before submitting, e-signing, or archiving a report. Review the transmission, and in the drop-down menu above the notes section, select CPT Code. Uncheck the CPT codes that should not be associated with the transmission and check those that should be linked to the report. Once done, click Save

If the report has already been submitted, e-signed, or archived, the CPT codes can be updated on the Billing page for the same report type. Go to the Billing page and select the codes listed in the CPT Codes column. You have the option to either add or remove codes.

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