Why am I seeing these old alerts?

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

This article covers common old alerts that appear due to the set up of transmissions from different Vendors. To remove these from your report, please refer to the article on  How to Update the Number of Shocks/ATP and Other Key Clinical Findings?

Merlin/St Jude & BSX/Latitude Devices on old alerts - A work around if there is an alert for a previous episode that's already been addressed, is once the user confirms that this alert is in fact from an old episode, they can click into the Parameters tab and choose Key Clinical Findings to change the value of shock or ATP (whatever the false alert is) from the current value to 0, and that will remove the red or yellow flag from the transmission. Or this alert can be removed from the Parameter - Alerts tab. These steps are detailed in the article linked above.

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