Manage Devices

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Listed on the Patient’s Profile is all their current devices which can be added or removed through the Manage Devices page. This is found in the bottom right corner of the Patient Profile above the transmission area and to the left of the notes and anticoagulation status. 

To access the settings or deactivate an individual device from the list of devices, click the Edit Device Setings or Deactivate Device.

Device Settings gives the option to Deactivate Device as well as displaying information on the device. Below are examples of an HF/HTN Device Settings for a PA Sensor and another for a Rhythm Device of a Defibrillator. Rhythm Devices also have an Edit button to adjust the Date of Implant and Reason for Implant.

Clicking the Manage Devices button then displays all current devices on the right hand side and allows for New Devices to be added on the left. If you are attempting to add a new device for a patient that has not been created yet, please see our articles on adding a new hf/htn or rhythm patient. 

To add a new device, select if it is an HF/HTN or Rhythm Device and then the relevant fields to complete will appear. After these are filled out, select Add New Device and it will be added to the list on the right and the patient page. 

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