HF/HTN Pressure Goals

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Each HF/HTN patient with a Blood Pressure or PA Pressure device can have individual goals and thresholds set. These are available on the patient page and generate an alert if the threshold is exceeded. This article will use the example of setting Blood Pressure goals; however, the workflow for PA Pressure is very similar. 

If the patient has multiple types of devices, the individual device measurements can be seen by selecting them on the left side under the Measurements section. These numbers are the last measurements received for that device type, and if a threshold has been set and exceeded, the number will appear in red.

  1. To edit the measurement threshold, click on the Edit Thresholds/Goals icon on the patient's page.

2. Select PA Pressure tab and enter the measurements for the upper threshold, lower threshold, and goal in the box and click on Save Threshold/Goal Changes to save the data. A Preview will show how the Threshold will appear on the graph.

To quickly remove any existing thresholds/goals, select Clear Thresholds/Goals at the top of the page. If you edit or add any new thresholds/goals, click Save Threshold/Goal Changes before exiting this screen. Creating these thresholds and goals will overlay on the preview to show the ranges and if they overlap. If you do not set an upper or lower threshold, it will not show a highlighted range. 

All HF/HTN devices can have goals and thresholds set. They each have their own tabs on the Goals and Threshold setting page at the top to go between and adjust as needed. All goals and thresholds can be adjusted at any point in time. To switch over to another device on a multi-device patient, choose the tab at the top of the pop out. 

Each measurement is a solid dot with solid lines connecting the dots. Each threshold (1) is notated by a dotted line that goes across the graph with shading between to show the acceptable range if an upper and lower threshold has been set. The goals (2) are the solid line that goes horizontally across the graph, where ideally, the measurements will be as close to their corresponding goal as possible. 

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