Upload a New Transmission From an In-Office Patient

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

If you have an in-office device transmission you want inside your Rhythm360 portal, you can manually add the file to the patient's profile.

  1. To upload an in-office transmission, log in to the Rhythm360 portal.
  2. At the top right of the page, click on the Add New button.

3.In the drop-down menu that appears, select Transmission. You will be directed to the Upload Transmission page. On this page, you can manually create a transmission for a given patient. The same information is required for Remote or In Office transmissions.

  1. Choose the patient to upload the transmission for by searching for their name or device serial number
    1. If this is a new patient, please follow the article linked in the related articles section on adding a new patient before uploading their transmission.
  2. Select the Report Trigger from the drop down menu
  3. Enter the Date/Range of Service
  4. Select the Report Type from the drop down menu
  5. Upload the report either by dragging and dropping into the rectangular area at the bottom or selecting the file from the Click Here to Upload. The file types that are supported are: PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOCX, and XLS. 
  6. Select Upload Session when done. 

The successfully uploaded report will appear in a new window. In this window, you can add your notes to the transmission like transmissions that came over via export on the Dashboard. When you have confirmed all notes and details are correct, click on Save at the bottom of the window to save the report, or click on Submit Report to send the new transmission to the clinic. 

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