Patient Profile Information - Patient Options

On the Patient's Profile under the Patient Information at the top, there is a gear icon next to the Patient Name that allows you to enter more information related to the Patient including device, insurance, and contact information. 

After any information in the different fields are changed, click Save and Close at the bottom of the screen. 

You can also use this page to access the Patient Action History at the top below the Last Updated Date. This has information on what information has been changed or added to this Patient in the past and is called the Audit Log

This is also where you can enable/disable HF Billing for individual Rhythm CIED patients. Toggle the HF Report Billing (CIED) on or off to enable or disable the reminder pop-up for reclassifying qualifying Heart Failure reports. To read more about this reminder, please see our HF Reclassification Pop-up article. 

Clinic Bills Technical is an option for clinics that have a split billing set up where the clinic bills the Professional Codes and RhythmScience bills the Technical CPT Codes. This allows for the clinic to bill this individual patient's Technical Codes as well. To turn this on for the individual patient, toggle the option to Green/Right.

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