Signed Reports Tab

If your clinic uses a workflow where a member of your team uploads signed reports to your EHR system, and only needs to see reports that are ready, you can request support enable the Signed Reports tab for your clinic. This tab is then visible to that specified user that should only be able to see reports that have been E-Signed and are ready for downloading, a simplified view to take away the guess work of which reports are ready. 

Email stating which clinic you are writing about, that you would like to enable Signed Reports, and the name, email, and phone number of the person who will be utilizing this tab. Support will then enable this feature and reach out to that user to help them login and become familiar with the view and it's features. 

Any report that has been e-signed, regardless of its archiving status, will appear in the Signed Reports tab. Only Rhythm reports are currently eligible for this feature. When you log in, Signed Reports will be listed on the left under the Clinician Reports tab. Click the download button on the far right to download individual reports and the blue Archive button to archive individual reports. 

The checkbox at the top to the right of names will allow the selection of multiple reports and mass archival. 

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