Bulk Actions

*Please note the screenshots and information in this article contain fake PHI*

Bulk actions allow you to perform the actions of an individual record multiple at one time. Bulk selection is available on the Technician Dashboard, Clinician Dashboard, Billing Dashboard, and Compliance Dashboards. This article covers how to select multiple patients and the different options on each page.

Bulk action feature is not available for HF/HTN Reports from the Clinician and Technician Reports Dashboard.

Selecting Patients for Bulk Actions

To perform a bulk action, you must first select multiple patients. 

On the Dashboard, Clinician Review, Billing, or Compliance page:

  1. Click the checkbox on the first column of a patient's report to select that report
  2. Repeat for any given report you want to include in a bulk action.
  3. If you would like to select ALL patient reports, click the checkbox underneath Filters in the top row.
    • This selects all patient reports that are currently visible on the page which is loaded in groups of 20
    • The number of reports visible is available in the upper right corner i.e. "Reports 1-20 out of 64"
    • The number of reports currently selected is tallied beneath the Select All checkbox i.e. "20 reports selected"

Different Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions are performed by selecting the patients of interest and choosing the Bulk Action* button that appears next to the Filters button. Whatever action is selected will prompt a confirmation screen before completing the action. 

Here is an example of Bulk Actions on the Technician Dashboard:

An example from the Clinician Dashboard:

An example from the Billing Dashboard:

An example from the Compliance Dashboard:

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